What’s the word?

Ever since man first shaved, the male grooming industry has only evolved. In an age where looks have mounting importance, it comes as no surprise that men are paying attention to their appearance. Now you have new male grooming jargons or complex words casually thrown in grooming articles. Here are five new terms and what they mean…

WHAT: Bacne
When acne rears its ugly head and spreads beneath your shoulder blade to your back, you have a new term for it – bacne. Acne in men is caused by the over production of testosterone, which prompts the oil producing glands on your back to work overtime. Fight it by using a body wash with anti-bacterial properties and salicylic acid, and a clean loofah to unblock pores.

WHAT: Brotox
The number of men getting botox (a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that minimises wrinkles, crow’s feet and lines) has sky rocketed over the past decade. It’s only legit that the industry came up with a man-friendly name – brotox.

WHAT: Pitting out
Excessive underarm sweating that leads to unpleasant odour and a sweat patch is called pitting out.

WHAT: Ubersexual Male

The ubersexual male is the target audience for new-age global or local manufacturers of male grooming products. Ubersexual men are those who are more complex, thoughtful and better-groomed than the most macho men, yet are traditionally more masculine than the metrosexual. Well, think Brad Pitt.
WHAT: Mampering

The modern man today enjoys a day at the spa, loves getting a mani-pedi and also indulges in facials. Long story short, he loves getting pampered, or should we say mampered. Mampering (man plus pampering) is for the man who knows he is worth it.

By: Nikita Mukherjee


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