Over six lakh ‘bogus’ voter names deleted in Hyderabad district

HYDERABAD: The names of a whopping number of 6.66 lakh voters (18 to 19 percent) were deleted from rolls in 15 Assembly constituencies in Hyderabad district (not GHMC area) alone as they were found to be duplicate, bogus, non-existent or carrying fictitious names. They were deleted during the door-to-door survey under the Intensive Revision of Electoral Rolls, 2017 undertaken by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation.

The number is likely to increase further in a week or two as 4,93,819 voters are yet to be verified (12 pc). The total number is likely to swell to over 7 lakh. As on date, 36 to 45 lakh voters (88 pc) have been enumerated. The door-to-door enumeration of voters commenced on July 23 and was completed last week. Of the 41,32,813 voters, the names of  6,66,906 had been deleted till the first week of October as they were found to be either bogus or duplicate, or the persons shifted to other place or expired.

The GHMC also detected a few thousand fictitious names and retained 16,46,551 voters (45 pc). The Election Commission of India has taken up IRER-2017 with reference to January 1, 2017 as qualifying date. During the revision, about 2 lakh voters got enrolled as new voters (5.65 pc).  Under transposition of the voter card, about 13.01 lakh voters shifted to a new place outside the Assembly constituency whey were enrolled.

Last year, during the summary revision of electoral rolls, nearly 4.30 lakh voters’ names were deleted in 24 Assembly constituencies in Greater Hyderabad covering Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Medak districts. Of them, 2,42,584 were men, 1,88,069 were women and 49 are of third gender. Compared to last year, there is a large increase in voter name deletions to about 2.36 lakh this year, that too only in Hyderabad district and just within GHMC limits.



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