Palamu police claim to be near cracking the brutal murder of a 17 year old dalit girl at Gunj under Haidernagar police station. This age of her has been calculated as per her school certificate as the victim girl was a Class X student.

DSP Hussainabad Manoj K Mahto said the dalit girl ( as she was minor her name has been with held for the sake of her family) was first throttled to death and after two hours of her death her killer beheaded her.

DSP said police have reached this conclusion that the place where her beheaded body was found barely 700 meters away from her house at Gunj there was no pool of blood which suggested that the dalit girl was first strangulated to death and then she was beheaded after two or three hours of her death and since there was no blood. Dead do not bleed he added.

Police first recovered the body and then her head where the tongue was out suggesting throttling.

Unrequited love is suspected to be the prime motive behind this barbaric murder as her garment was loose and open. Following the inability of doctors in conducting the post mortem to ascertain whether the minor girl was raped before throttling  or after throttling the head and body in two pieces were sent to RIMS on Friday February 9 said DSP who feared the victim girl was raped.

The way her body was found suggested that she had gone to the site on her own as her slippers were there.

Police searched around 2 Kms in the surrounding if there was any sign of bleeding elsewhere but not a drop of blood was found Mahto reiterated. The victim girl’s father is a ‘motiya mazdoor’ ( one who carries head load) and is in  the habit of selling illicit liquor. A tracker dog was pressed in which ran between her house and the place of occurrence .

Police suspect her jilted lover might have done this heinous crime. Sources said the barbarity of this case has shocked people too much as in the past ten years no female has ever been so beheaded in such a way in Hussainabad sub division.

The DSP said the killer of this dalit girl is also of the same community and police are zeroing in on him.


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