Husband prime suspect in the brutal murder of woman and two-year-old daughter

Jan 11, 2017 00:16 IST


Delhi:A day before the bodies of Geetanjali,25, and her two-year-old daughter Ananya were found in a pool of blood at their rented West Vinod Nagar flat, she had told her brother that her husband, Mithilesh Anand, was allegedly threatening her for the past few days, said police.

Investigators have taken Anand, a train driver, into custody for questioning. They have learnt that there was “some discord” in the couple’s marital life.

Ananya was stabbed over ten times through her chest and abdominal area and so brutally that her stomach was slit open. Geetanjali too had suffered four deep stab wounds in her stomach. Initial probe revealed that the two were killed between 11 am and noon, almost six hours before the bodies were found.The police are yet to recover the knife that was used to kill the two. A kitchen knife from the flat was missing, said police.

The police team on Tuesday visited the crime scene again and searched the house for the weapon and other clues that could help them establish the sequence of events in the brutal murders. Everything in the flat was left upside down. Even the open drain outside the building was searched for two-three hours, but the weapon could not be recovered.

A senior police officer said when a team from the Mandawali police station visited the crime scene on Monday evening and found a hand-written “suicide note” next to the bodies of Geetanjali and Ananya, they immediately concluded that Geetanjali had committed suicide after killing Ananya. As the landlord and neighbours claimed that the flat was locked from inside, the police declared it an open and shut case.

“We found only three sentences written in Hindi in the one-page note. It said the woman was taking the extreme step because of her personal problems and that nobody should be blamed for their deaths,” said the officer.

But what made the police suspicious was that no mother can kill her child so brutally the way Ananya was stabbed. “Also, committing suicide by inflicting deep stab wounds is rare. The brutal nature of the stab wounds clearly said both were murdered,” the officer said adding, “It appeared someone who hated the mother-daughter had killed them.”

Anand, so far, is the prime suspect, police said. He had drawn the attention of neighbours and landlord when despite repeatedly ringing the door bell and calling out her name, his wife was not opening the main door.

“It was Anand who gave his landlord’s son the idea to open his flat’s balcony door after reaching there through the balcony on the staircase. The cold response Anand gave after seeing his the bodies of his daughter and wife made us suspicious. He looked calm and composed even after losing two dear ones,” said the officer.

Courtesy:-Hindustan Times

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