Body of boy found in suitcase: Mumbai cops yet to identify minor, say he could be from other city or state

January 11, 2017 01:16 pm


Mumbai:Unable to identify the minor boy found dead inside an abandoned suitcase at a farm located near the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) in Kurla, police now think that the victim may not be from Mumbai. The Tilak Nagar police station had sent wireless messages to all police stations in Mumbai after the boy, believed to be 10-year-old, was found lifeless inside a maroon trolley bag on Sunday, hoping to get a match with a missing person’s complaint.

“So far no police station in Mumbai has a missing persons’ complaint that matches the victim’s description. If the boy was from the city, we would have had a match. It could be that he came from another city or state,” said Vijay Khaire, senior police inspector at Tilak Nagar police station.

Another officer at the station said that Tilak Nagar police were now sending messages to police across Maharashtra in a bid to find a match with a missing persons’ complaint. “We did not receive any information from police stations in Mumbai. We have contacted the police outside Mumbai and are awaiting their response,” the officer said. Police will start seeking information from other states as well, the officer added.

Meanwhile, the suspect, believed to be a man in his thirties, as suggested by CCTV footage obtained from LTT, remains unidentified too. He was seen dragging the maroon trolley bag, in which the victim was found, near the parcel office platform of the terminus at 7.14 pm Sunday. A sketch of the suspect has been prepared.

Courtesy:-The Indian Express

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